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FMQs LIVE: Independence plan for sturgeon in turmoil as ministers claim no voting required

Sturgeon's independence plot in chaos as minister claims vote not needed

Chaotic sturgeon Independent Plot Minister claims no voting required, so(Image: GETTY)
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Ms. Sturgeon, after members, will be at 12:00 pm today with Scottish Conservative Douglas Ross and Scottish Labor Anas Sarwar. Play against. She suggested that the party of her party did not need a referendum to initiate independence negotiations. Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney argued that if the SNP wins a majority of Scotland's Westminster seats without a referendum, Ms. Sturgeon has the authority to initiate independence negotiations with the Prime Minister. This means that Scotland effectively favored the separation, even though the SNP won less than 50% of the popularity polls. His comment contradicts Mr. Sturgeon, who said, "Scotland can only become independent if the majority of people vote for the proposal." Mr. Swinnie later made about a turn, claiming that he needed 50% support, and claimed that he had misheard the question in a radio interview with a majority of seats.

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