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Former SNPMP Natalie Magary was imprisoned for embezzling £ 25,000 from an independent group

FormerSNPMP embezzled about £ 25,000 from two independent groups was imprisoned for two years

Natalie Magary, 40 representatives of Glasgow East between 2015 and 2017 were convicted of embezzlement twice in May after a trial in theGlasgow Sheriffs Court. received.

The jury was the majority of the crimes of spending £ 19,974 while accounting for the Women for Independence (WFI) between April 26, 2013 and November 30, 2015. I was found guilty.

She was also found £ 4,661 between April 9, 2014 and August 10, 2015, when she was the accountant, secretary, and convenor of the SNP's Glasgow Regional Association. He was found guilty of a majority of the second charges he received.

Through your role in these crimes, you have only betrayed the trust of others. No, your standards are far below the standards that the public should have the right to expect from an MP.

Sheriff Tom Hughes

McGarry's decision, SheriffTom Hughessaid he betrayed those who trusted her. Her free sentence is inevitable.

He told her: "It is very clear that society has the right to seek high public office and to expect the highest standards from those who will ultimately achieve it."

He added:

During the six-week trial, the court found McGarry from dozens of witnesses, including former Scottish Minister of HealthJeane Freeman, of a serious shortage of WFI. Said that he reported. account.

Former Health Minister Jean Freeman submitted evidence to McGarry. (Andrew Milligan / PA)

Ms. Freeman said she didn't expect crowdfunding to be donated from her organization's PayPal account to McGarry's personal bank account. rice field.

She also expressed her dissatisfaction with McGarry, who was late in delivering receipts and invoices showing what her money was spent on. The court also heard from witnesses that McGarry had her personal financial difficulties and was regularly financed by her family and friends.

This includes Humza Yousaf, the current Scottish Cabinet Health Secretary, giving McGarry £ 600 to prevent her from being expelled from her home.

The court also confirmed McGarry's banking records. This indicates that a crowdfunding donation from WFI has been sent to her own personal account.

Included £ 10,472.52 on April 29, 2014 and an additional £ 9,848.70 on November 12, 2014. This is what she used to pay for her rent and shopping.

McGarry stated that these were "reasonable" costs she would bear and reimburse herself.

McGarry was elected as an SNP member in 2015, but she resigned from the party's general affairs after allegations of fraud. This is what she denied.

She remained in Congress as an independent member of Glasgow East, but she did not seek re-election in 2017.