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From the demotion of Red Bull to the shot of redemption with Williams: Alex Albon on a F1 journey

Undoubtedly, everything was too early. At the age of 23, after racing with the world's elite in just 12 races, it was a promotion thatAlex Arbonplunged into aRed Bulloiled machine in the middle of 2019. I felt beyond the realm of reality. The inhabitants of Milton Canes were the latest stars in Formula 1 while fellow rookie George Russell and Land Norris grinded on their debut. He was selected by the FIA ​​as a rookie of the year. But he is in the limelight with Stardam.

As mistakes and misfortunes fast-forwarded the year that characterized Covid's devastated season, the lights definitely went out before the British and Thai Red Bull dreams began. Arbon bottomed out as there were no seats a week before Christmas and lockdowns took place throughout the UK.

"I had a lot of time to think and ponder it," he says now. "I put it to experience above all, and it's something you can't teach and takes time. Of course, I could have done it another way.

"2020 isn't the easiest year and sounds ridiculous, but sometimes it feels like you've forgotten why you did it in the first place ... I'm on Red Bull's main team. Within 6 months of doing Formula 1. It was really hard.

"There is an element of responding quickly, but on the other side, around me, my little circle. I was given time to build a team. At that time I had no manager to do that. I was a lone wolf. "

Sergio PerezMaxVerstappen { While prospering as a teammate of 18} and eventually playing a role in winning the most dramatic titles, Alban was limited to test drivers. Within a few weeks when Christian Horner called for revealing that he wasn't a Formula 1 driver in 2021, Arbon returned to the simulator and played a key role in tweaking the RB16, the grid setter for winter testing in Bahrain. I did. It was strange to see Verstappen and Perez flourish when he was supposed to be the star of the show.

"It's not a strange feeling – a predictable feeling. When you've been working on something for a long time and then sitting on the sidelines ... you're a natural racer, so it's hard to see

"But making it a better car than the one I had to drive in 2020 still played an important role in my eyes, so the car Was improved and I was able to see positive comments from Max and the Czech Republic. I was actually just as frustrated because there was a problem with the 2020 car. I wanted to drive it instead.

Arbon states that he played a "very small" role in the Verstappen World Championship

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In retrospect, Arbon felt some resonation with Abu Dhabi in December and played a "very small" role at the Dutch World Championships. Claimed to have done. Of course, by this point, his future in Formula 1 was safe after flirtation in Indy Car and Formula E. No stones were left when he handed the CV to Josto Capito, the principal of theWilliamsteam at the Red Bull Ring in Austria last July. The German CEO was properly impressed with Arbon's positive attitude.

It's not a championship team, but it's still one of 20 valuable positions. Arbon scored points in 20 of 26 races at Red Bull, but the top 10 finish at Williams is on the podium for Oxford-based Formula 1 Staples. More than that, now 26-year-old Arbon seems to be a reborn man in both the cockpit and the grid this year. There are memories of moaning and irritation in a world away from the hilarious red-haired chap that gently radiates the people around him.

"I feel much more experienced and mature, whether in racing or in general life experience," he self-assessed. "In 2019 and 2020, I was in the team and trying to do my best, but now it's like what it takes to improve as a team. How can my experience help me in my work at RedBull?

"How can I get performance from a communication perspective and not only from myself but also from my colleagues?" It comes with age. "

Arbon seems to be a reborn man this year after spending time at Red Bull

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A memorable drive In Melbourne, I completed 57 out of 58 laps with a set of tires and scored points. A month later, two laps were picked up in Miami. In contrast to 2020, the purpose of the game is currently changing. Perez, on the other hand, is second in the championship and is fighting for the ultimate crown, but Arbon isn't outraged by the popular Mexicans.

"Looking around doesn't improve what I'm doing, nor does it improve performance," he firmly states. "It's great that they're doing well, but now it's about showing Williams and everyone what I can do."

Virtually No. 1 The driver, Arbon, is thriving in his new role. A man who is grateful for what he has – now he knows what it's like for the floor to give way under his feet. Despite his dual nationality, he races under the Thai flag and boasts his Central Asian heritage, as shown by his April visit to the Weisakaeo Orphanage outside Bangkok. I am thinking. His hair was dyed red by the children and he has kept it ever since.

"We [F1 drivers] feel responsible for the existence of social media and the platforms we must strive to raise awareness of these situations," Arbon explains. To do.

"Sebastian and Lewis are doing that great job. I have a responsibility to support my country of origin." How about the Thai Grand Prix someday? "The race would be great. That's what I want. Obviously, the Vietnam Grand Prix seemed to be a kind of home race, but obviously it was a failure, so I still hope. There is. "

Silverstone – the place where Arbon first drove a gokart in 30 minutes from his parents' home when he was 7 – would have to be done for now. Arbon, a roll model that is on or off track, has already made a complete round, and his goal is now to continue to improve on a race-by-race, year-by-race basis. The lone wolf is now the leader of the pack.

"Every year, I'm under pressure in F1, but especially this year, I felt like I needed it to work," he summarizes. "I was worried. It's not easy a year ahead, but at least for now, I'm really happy with the direction. I want to redeem myself."