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From Gripper Stepbson to Megan Markle, the great bully of history

According to Boris Johnson, women never invaded Ukraine and were unaware that he was patronizing them in another way. It seems. Here are some more classic generalizations about women.

They have a strong maternal instinct

For personal or rational reasons, you have no children mosquito? This is wrong. You must be a mama's resentment in pursuit of your natural profession of doing mountain washing with a happy smile. If you have children and are at risk, you must be able to fight bears or lift the weight of your car. There is no pressure. Oh, and this obviously doesn't apply to men.

They are a fairer gender

"Fairer" in the 17th century means "better" or It didn't mean "better". Specifically, it means "more beautiful." It's not clear how attractive a woman would be if there were completely different criteria for each gender, but it was that every woman had to be as clean as Keira Nightly with a nice historic flock. Means It doesn't judge you by your appearance, women, it's a compliment. Don't worry about your cute head about it.

Women are peaceful

As Boris Johnson, a man not famous for his exemplary treatment of women, women are I hate war. Useful if you want to ignore a myriad of obvious exceptions like Margaret Thatcher and Elizabeth I. It is unlikely that Golda Meir fits the idea of ​​bombing an enemy. It also suggests that if you really need to fight the war, the woman is the type of useless Earth's mother and is probably wearing a flattering dungary. 

Women are smarter

A double-edged sword with clear compliments. On the one hand, it's better to be wise than a madman crazy about testosterone, for example fighting a bull or climbing a high-voltage pylon to brag. The unpleasant point is that it suggests that women are (A) bored and (B) men's bold creativity and lack of willingness to take risks. You want to breastfeed at home, right?

They automatically choose a compassionate profession

Women have evolved as gently as Labrador, so nursing and education It is overrated in careers such as. There is certainly no exaggerated explanation for someone like you to choose a job to see what they are doing. Whatever the cause, it means that the female partner is genetically selfless and loves to clean up after you and hear about your work day in detail that induces brain damage. 

Women make better bosses

Women are ready to compromise, but male executives are Dick I'm trapped in a measurement contest. To the cliché. Lower the ladder of her boss, the female manager really, really cares about the employee. Anyone who has an angry, bullying, or perhaps mentally unstable female boss may ask to oppose it. Like most stereotypes, this remains 100% true even if it doesn't come into contact with reality.