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I got my mum to microblade my forehead so my hairline looked better… safe to say it was an absolute fail

WHEN it comes to all things hair and beauty, sometimes it's best to invest that little extra and go to a professional.

And unfortunately, this is what Jody Ang learnt the hard way, after she trusted her mum with microblading equipment.

Desperate to make her hairline look fuller, Jody kindly asked if her mum would be able microblade black strokes of hair onto her forehead.

The beauty technique, commonly known as hairline embroidery, has become a hit in the Korean community and when done properly, can create the appearance of more volume.

A great alternative to the more expensive hair transplant, this cousin of miroblading is also popular amongst those who, like Jody, have started to experience a receding hairline.

However, whilst trusting her mum with the black ink may have saved her some money, Jody very soon learnt that this wasn't a good idea, as she took to TikTok to share the hair-rific fail.

Rather than a thicker looking hairline, the mum, who had never performed anything similar, had left her daughter with random scratches at the top of her head.

''I LOOK LIKE I FELL AND SCRAPED MY FOREHEAD,'' Jody cried in the caption of the now-viral video.

''I think she was very nervous.''

But luckily, it seems that once she had managed to practice for the first time, the second side of Jody's forehead went a lot smoother, as she revealed in a follow-up clip.

Showing off her new forehead, Jody exclaimed in happiness: ''She did it correctly on the other side!''

To those still concerned about the tragic outcome on the other half, she said: ''And don’t worry she did it super light it wouldn’t last more than 2 weeks.''

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Some were so impressed with how the hairstrokes looked, they even promised to come down to Jody's mum's house for the procedure.

With more than a whopping 2.3million views in just four days, the fail has taken the internet by storm, leaving fellow social media users in hysterics.

''WHY DIDNT U STOP HER,'' one person couldn't understand.

Someone else penned: ''She should’ve done it in the direction your hair naturally grows omg.''

''I thought it couldn’t be that bad… but sorry sis,'' a third commented.

A fourth joined: ''from her angle she's not wrong.''