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I’m a budget pro, I ‘hunger proof’ my home for a fiver so I never run out of grub – follow my steps for when cash is low

A BUDGET whizz has revealed how he “hunger proofs” his home for £5 so he doesn’t go hungry.

Elliot William shared the foods he buys that he can eat as a last resort if cash is low.

In a video which has racked up over 1,000 likes, he showed how he picks up cheap bags of long grain rice, pasta and porridge oats.

He also buys long life milk and tins of chopped tomatoes and baked beans.

The budget pro then buys a 39p loaf of bread and freezes it - and does the same with £1.25 olive spread.

Elliot wrote on his @costoflivingcrisistips account: “You can use these foods for emergencies when food is low.

“These items were bought from Aldi except the milk which is from Morrisons 69p.”

And thankfully you can pick them all up for under a fiver, with the savvy spender showing how the chopped tomato tins can be as low as 32p each and rice at 48p.

These can be stored for months and until you need them most.

Elliot added: “These base items will help when times are tough.”

Many people were quick to praise Elliot for his tips, with one saying: “I love this tiktok I just wanna say WELL DONE for helping people and going back to basics to save £.”

Another added: “this is why I've started having poridge for breakfast. it's cheap yet good for you and saves you money.”

And a third commented: “I had no idea you cold freeze butter! #lifehack.”