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I'm a whim at home. There is an easy way to get rid of mosquitoes from your home this summer. This completely saved my life.

Home and food guru shared an easy way to get rid of mosquitoes from their homes.

In the warmer months, as much as we love summer and get the hot sun, another unwelcome guest comes. A swarm of mosquitoes will not leave you alone.

Fortunately, these nasty insects are annoying, but there are many natural ways to expel them. And now, a household whim has revealed an easy way to do this with just two common items.

Experts using the username@aribasfoodmoodon social media platforms shared effective remedies in viral clips.Express reported. In

, a videothat has been watched over 6.5 million times states that it is 7-8 cloves and 1 garlic that need to keep mosquitoes away. increase.

She explained: "Peel off the garlic and insert the cloves into the garlic."

When you're done, place the clove-decorated garlic in a small plate or bowl.

Next, place it where you find the mosquitoes most often hiding.

To combat the noisy insects at home, Ariva put the remedy under the couch, which can be placed anywhere in the house or yard.

She tried a cheap hack herselfTikTokAccording to users, the combination of garlic and cloves would "reduce mosquitoes in the house."

This can be done as many times as needed and the remedy will need to be replaced in a few days.

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One viewer Was very happy with the result: "This only saved my life!"

But many claimed it worked for them, but the trick was Not everyone did a good review because it turned out that it didn't work. "100%".

Some have reached out to help reveal how they tackled this problem and what natural methods worked for them.

For someone, it was a mixture of garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, oregano, pepper.

Another person said: 49}