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I’m a mom with tattoo regret – avoid the same spot if you plan on having kids in the future

A MOM who experienced tattoo regret has revealed the area she wishes she never got inked on.

She cautions people to avoid getting the spot tatted if they plan on having kids in the future.

"I'm gonna show y'all where not to get a tattoo if you're a woman who plans on having kids in the future," Gianna (@gianna_valenti) started off her TikTok video.

"It used to look super cute but it's all stretched out and gross now, so, here you go," she said before revealing the tattoo.

She continued: "It says La Bella Vita. And it was really cute at one point, but now it's got all stretched out. And you could barely see what it says.

"But yeah, that's what it is," she concluded.

Gianna's tattoo spanned from a small portion of her back to the side of her stomach.

There were visible pink stretch marks on some of the inkings.

"I didn't think it would stretch like that," Gianna wrote in her caption.

"I like it even better like this," one wrote.

"I think that's actually so cool," said a second.

"That doesn’t look bad honey!! Relax! It’s still beautiful," a third stressed.

"I think it’s extra cute now. It tells a double story."

"That looks so good compared to mine now. I haven’t even looked in over a year. Couldn’t even tell ya."

"Girl it looks near perfect still!!" a final person exclaimed.