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I'm proud to be winding, but men are always commenting on my body. Ashamed that he has cellulite, he asks for the expected date of delivery of the baby.

Social mediacan be a harsh place-often hidden behind anonymous profiles, trolls say they aren't direct Have the courage, and everyone knows it well Ariella Nissa.

An Australian marvel picked upTikTokand revealed some of the men's comments about her physique.

Viral clipshave been watched over 1.1 million times in just one day, wearing low-waisted trousers and crop tops to show off the best dance moves. She continued to share her remarks.

According to her, someone once said: "Your cellulite looks like my sagging belly."

Plus size woman.reveals her belly, but now accepts the curve and wants others to do the same. Others ask if she is pregnant.

Next to the last cheeky emoji, the body positivity influencer is asked: Thrown into her path are those who think she shouldn't be proud of her happiness and her own body.

"It's sad that you're proud to be fat," a man told her online.

"Oh, the internet," Ariella properly summarized the situation with clip captions.

A Sydney-born influencer has a whopping 1.4 million followers on her social media platform and publishes her self-help book Ariella Nyssa's Self-love Bible. increase.

But her self-confidence is not something she has always had abundantly.

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"1 year Even before, I wasn't confident enough to rock a low-waisted outfit, and now it's my favorite outfit.

"Show off your beautiful belly, hips and curves I love to do it.

'' It's crazy that what I once tried to hide is now considered one of the most beautiful things to me.

"You My stomach is great. "

Body positivity activists regularly post messages of encouragement to their followers, indicating that many influencers are trying to hide.

"They are so anxious that you know that girls have never liked them b4 [previously] [sic]," said one fan.

Another agreement, Ariella's correction:''The boy wasn't a man, he said so! There is a difference.

The third fan thanked the influencers: "You are literally the only person I've found in this app with my body shape and proportions [sic] !!

'' You are my goal. I love your look and clothes [sic].