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I’ve found a safe way to keep my eight-month-old entertained whilst work in the garden – it’s a total game-changer


A SAVVY mum has shared a game-changer of a trick to keep her baby occupied whilst she's doing the laundry or is working in the garden.

First-time mum Chloe Manners, from the UK, revealed that behind this hack is a paddling pool - but not in the way you'd expect to use it.

''This is an absolute game-changer if you've got kids,'' said the clever parent.

''So what I did was I blew up our paddling pool using a hair dryer [...] - it took less than a minute.''

However, instead of filling it up with water, Chloe had found another way to use the summer essential - and it's totally safe.

After taking it out in her garden and placing a playmat inside to ensure the baby doesn't hurt himself, the mum filled the pool with all of his favourite toys and dozens of balls.

''Then I put him in it - this was so good,'' she said in her video uploaded on TikTok.

''He can just play safely and happily, he can reach everything and can't hurt himself.

''I can crack on with the gardening, hang my washing out, sit and down my coffee.

''110 per cent recommend this if you've got a baby - just get a cheap paddling pool and do this.''

One person chuckled: ''I do this with my dog.''

Another penned: ''Omg he’s so cute I love he looks around dang where do I start.''

A fellow mum joked: ''Well my 8 months boy is crawling standing on sofas and people so don’t think it’ll work for me unfortunately.''

''Doing this years ! And use the Hoover to flat pack it !!!'' someone else said.

''Wait till the wind blows it away! Not a safe option,'' a social media user warned.