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Inside ‘UK’s tallest house’ built on top of a water tower with 85 steps to the top – here’s how to stay there


THIS former watertower is now the UK’s tallest house - and Brits can book in for a holiday in the sky.

The House in the Clouds in Thorpeness, built in the 1920s, used to have the important job of supplying water across Suffolk.

Now holidaymakers can book in for a relaxing stay with fantastic views.

It boasts five bed rooms, three bathrooms, a dining room, and a drawing room and a stunning living area at the very top of the building.

But to get to the beautiful room, decked out with a pool table and a wrap around mezzanine, guests must trod up a whopping 67 steps.

It was built in 1923 to receive water pumped from Thorpeness Windmill and was designed to improve the looks of the water tower, disguising its tank.

But in 1977 the water tower was made redundant by a mains water supply to the village, and 10 years later it was converted into a home.

The house was designed in children’s writer Mrs Malcolm Mason - who wanted it to mirror homes in fairy tales.

Standing at 70ft tall it’s thought the home is one of the tallest in the UK.

It comes after we told of the UK's smallest home.

The wee house stands just 122 inches tall, is 72 inches wide, and only has specially made furniture - because that's all that will fit through its door.

The Conwy, North Wales, home attracts more than 50,000 visitors a year.