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As the lungs collapsed and air escaped from the scrotum, the male genitals began to whistle.

Due to a rare condition called "pneumonia", the doctor had to have surgery after the man whistled his genitals to A&E.

The unusual illness was due to the accumulation of excess air in his body, which had escaped through the open wounds of his testicles.

Examination revealed that both lungs of the old man had collapsed and a large amount of air was circulating in the chest. This may be the cause of his dissatisfaction.

Medical personnel explained what happened in the American Journal of Case Reportsand said they believed it was the first case of this kind.

Previously, there was a rare occurrence of air buildup in the scrotum, but I never whistled.

This happened because a man had surgery in the area a few months ago, leaving scars where air could escape.

The 72-year-old man spent three days in the hospital, and the doctor steadily released the air trapped inside his body.

They treated his collapsed lungs (pneumothorax) and he was also given antibiotics and urological treatment for his scrotal wound.

In the report, doctors said they "resolutely" denied injecting air into the scrotum, which could have caused the man to whistle.

This means that excess air from the scrotum did not disrupt his lungs, but perhaps the opposite.

And the fact that the air could escape by this means may have helped him, but the doctor said he couldn't know for sure.

The paper concludes that:

"Our patient had an open wound on the scrotum during recent scrotal surgery, escaping air from the abdominal compartment and worried about a" scrotal whistling. "

"I never know if the air escape route weakened the patient's symptoms and led to more favorable results.

'Nevertheless, he had multiple chest tubes, Successfully treated with subcutaneous air drainage, and supportive care. Please contact our news team by'

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