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Married At First Sight's Matt appeared in Naked Attraction before signing up to E4 show

After ditching his bride over - what he dubbed - her 'vulgar' jokes, shacking up with another man's wife on the show and then rejoining the show to date said wife, Matt Murray is certainly causing mayhem on Married At First Sight.

But, believe it or not, he also made an appearance on another controversial Channel 4 show - Naked Attraction.

The heavily-tattooed hunk is quite a striking figure and viewers were certain they'd seen him before. But one sleuth-like MAFS fan put the pieces together and shared the first sighting of Matt in all a cheeky topless screenshot on their social media with other viewers realising the same.

A savvy viewer spotted that this isn't the first time we've seen Matt on TV. (



Alongside the image, the Twitter user wrote: "Is it just me or is this the new guy on #MAFSUK on #NakedAttraction???"

In the shot a shirtless Matt, 32, could be seen covering himself in water as he strutted his stuff in front of the camera for an intro video. However he wasn't the one about to strip down in the name of love, but was instead featured in a friend's video.

One person replied to the post: "Good spot!" While a second wrote: "It's not just you, it's definitely him."

Someone else added two aubergine emojis and a crying laughing face as they wrote: "Which episode please…? I want to see the goods".

MAFS UK Matt has been spotted on Naked Attraction (



Matt has been a hot topic on the UK reality show, as he re-entered with Whitney as a new couple.

Whitney was originally paired with Duka and Matt with wife Gemma, but neither of the pairs chose to continue as couples.

In one explosive moment on the programme, viewers watched as a heated argument saw a distraught Gemma telling Matt she felt “used” and that Whitney “should be ashamed of herself” after the pair had revealed they had feelings for each other. The camera later shot to scenes showed Matt and Whitney sharing a kiss on a bridge and then spending the night together.

Whilst the new couple of Matt and Whitney have been allowed to remain on the programme, it's not been an easy decision for them to stay. Experts Mel Schilling, Charlene Douglas and Paul C Brunson slammed the pair for their actions, especially how they hurt their previous partners by getting together.

However Matt defended himself and new partner Whitney. He said: "I know the way everything happened was wrong, but equally at the same time it felt right. Neither of us planned this it, wasn't a planned thing."

Matt and Whitney have now re-entered MAFS UK as a new couple. (


Channel 4)

Paul then hinted they would be sent packing, saying: "Whitney and Matt, this has been very tough for all of us and the reason why is because you two were married to two different people. You too had a code with those people and you both broke that code.

"And for that, I can't endorse you coming back into this project, I just can't."

But he soon added: "So I have a question for you, how are you gonna convince me otherwise?"

Matt told him: "I understand lines have been crossed but I just think something really good can come off the back of something really bad. I do think it would benefit us greatly with you on our team."

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