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Overwhelmed mother "crying properly" in Greggs after staff branded her "sausage roll thief"

How she tears after being accused of shoplifting in Greggsafter being accused of drinking sausage bread rolls without paying I talked about how she was shed.

She claimed to have left the right amount of money at the counter, but the staff did not accept her explanation and her mother soon became "properly foamed".

Her mother was confused by her reaction, and at the AmIBeing Unreasonable (AIBU) forum, a cult ofMumsnet, did she feel the same for others? I talked about asking if you would like. In a post titled "Did you cry?" She explained: Roll ... "

The customer felt sure she'd left the money on the counter
The customer was convinced that he left the money at the counter

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But a member of the staff stopped her: "She says you aren't paying. Just polite and solid. Not rude. She claimed I didn't [definitely] open. I'm checking in case I put the buggy back in my pocket. I have a lot of bras. I don't have cash. So I I have to say, I don't have it anymore and I start to get upset.

"She calls a colleague and someone offers to pay. I'm crying properly because someone is embarrassed to try to steal the sausage roll.

"If someone else offers to pay, the staff refuses to receive the money again. But I'm basically bubbling and saying I'm sorry. I want them to think I'm trying to steal it. They [very] It was kind and probably reassured me that it was the customer who picked it up and gave me the tea. "

Fellow Mumsnet users rallied round
A gathering of fellow Mumsnet users

"Sufficiently humiliated "She continued. It's a proportional reaction, everyone has to think it's weird that I cry so easily, and it should work better with three kids at the age of 40. Did you laugh at it refreshingly? Or am I overwhelmed by myself and my reaction to stress is normal?

She reassured her fellow Mumsnet user that everyone agreed that she was "extremely suffering" in the same situation. One advised to get CCTV footage from her store so that she could prove her innocence.

A commenter summarizing the mood of the thread said: Don't hit yourself.

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