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Porsche driving thug used photo of police officer lying near death after crash to claim £1.3m insurance claim

Porsche's driving thug was told by the court that he used a picture of a police officer he took after an accident occurred in a claim for car damage.

According to police,Richard Psy, 44, of a seriously injured police officer who cursed him while dying in a complaint after an insurance company refused to bid £ 1.3 million. I sent a photo. payment.

He filmed a dying police officer lying under a truck and cursing himself when he was imprisoned for 10 months for resenting public dignity. After that, he was called "Australia's Most Disliked Man".

Pusey stopped at them at his Porsche inMelbourne at a speed of 93 mph.

A mortgage brokerheard him say "it's awesome" and "it's justice" while recording the video.

Pusey, who currently identifies non-binaries and uses them / their pronouns, has appeared in court for uploading four graphic images from the 2020 crash.

Justice of the Peace Judge Sunshine heard that in two separate complaints about damages to Porsche, Psy allegedly published a graphic image of an officer online,news Report of

Pusey is unable to secure insurance payments to theAustralian Financial Complaints Authority for damages inflicted on the car because "no one wants to own a claim" Complained about.

"The truck has defeated four heroes' road safety officers ... it broke a black Porsche, and now these c *** are not rewarded," Pusey wrote. rice field.

The court heard that Pusey sought £ 1.3 million in damages for the trauma of seeing police officers killed violently in a crash.

Harry Ganabas, senior AFCA manager in charge of the complaint, told the court that the image attached to the complaint was irrelevant and the description of Psy's event left him "disgusting." rice field.

"In fact, when I saw the picture, I felt repulsive and sick," he said.

Police prosecutor Anthony Arboa told the court that one of the images submitted did not even show the damage done to Porsche.

The "inappropriate and rude" claim was denied.

The court heard that Pusey also wrote a one-star Google review of Porsche Center Melbourne, criticizing the company's level of insurance policy and customer service.

An investigative police officer told the court that the accused used a graphic picture of one of the bleeding police officers on the roof of Porsche as his profile picture.

Police said she felt "anger and resentment" when she saw the horrifying image from the deadly tragedy.

Arbois claimed that his Instagram account, called the "Richard Pousie Show," contained showing damage to Porsche that could have been used in the complaint.

However, the Porsche driver denied the accusation, telling the court that the prosecution was "telling a story."

Police officers were discussing whether a truck driven by Mohinder Singh could squeeze a car when it broke into them.

He escaped the crash just because he was urinating by the side of the road.