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Scotland contributes £ 65 million to the UK's £ 1 billion Ukrainian military package

Scotland has donated £ 65 million to protect Ukraine from Russia as part of Britain's promised £ 1 billion military package.

Boris Johnson's massive contributions at the NATO summit in Madrid almost double the UK's support for theUkrainewar effort

The new funding was £ 2.3 billion fromKyivin need of given military assistance, and the UK also spent £ 1.5 billion on humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine.

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Boris Johnson says Britain's spending is The British government said it was "transforming Ukraine's defenses" with aid to payments, "about sophisticated air defense systems, drones, electronic warfare equipment, anti-aircraft rockets, and supplies."

Due to the reservation of defense and diplomacy in Westminster, it is very rare for a delegated government to contribute to the British government's spending in this way.

The Scottish Government's contributions, along with another £ 30 million from the Government of Wales, have been recovered from a shortage of spending across the UK sector, accounting for £ 1 billion.

Scotland's Treasury Secretary Kate Forbes said the exceptional situation in Ukraine meant that the Holyrood government was willing to see the passage of funding.

She states:

"But it is clear that this should not be seen as any kind of precedent that leads to the delegation of the budget used to support payments in clearly reserved policy areas.

Forbes added: "Scotland represents democracy, human rights and the rule of law at home and abroad."

"This additional funding is to help the Ukrainian army fight the Russian invasion." There is no aggression. "

" We can be a shelter and sanctuary for refugees from Ukraine and help those fleeing the country to escape violence. I've done my best. "

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