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Shocking moment notorious gangster Gavin Preston is shot ten times in broad daylight as he sits outside a cafe

THIS is the shocking moment notorious gangster Gavin Preston was shot ten times in broad daylight while he sat outside a cafe.

Graphic CCTV footage shows the gangland figure being gunned down while eating at the Melbourne cafe on Saturday morning.

Gavin "Capable" Preston was shot up to ten times in the ambush attack at Sweet Lulu’s cafe in Keilor East.

Video footage of what is believed to be the deadly hit has now begun making its rounds online.

In the clip, Preston and his friend can be seen sitting at an outside table at the cafe in black outfits, while oblivious locals relax around them.

Preston can be seen with his back to the camera as he sits with Abbas Maghnie Junior, known as AJ.

As AJ takes a sip from his mug, he seems to notice something that is out of the camera shot.

He then immediately flees the scene leaving Preston alone for a split second before a man dressed in all black enters the camera frame.

He pulls out a gun and fires several shots at the cafe before sprinting away.

The notorious criminal appears to be hit and his body slumps forward before he falls to the ground.

A number of other diners are left panicked and can be seen shielding their heads and scrambling to take cover under tables as chairs collapse around them.

A few people approach the motionless Preston before the video comes to an end.

On Facebook, one person claiming to be an eyewitness said they had seen paramedics attempting to revive someone at the scene.

“This is absolutely terrifying. I hope members of the community were not harmed in this incident! Such a busy and popular local cafe too!” one member of a Keilor community group posted.

Cops are now on the hunt for the two suspected gunmen following the brutal attack, but no arrests have been made yet.

Victoria Police Acting Superintendent Mark Hatt confirmed that a second man was also left injured in the shooting and is undergoing surgery in hospital.

“We believe it‘s linked to organised crime and that will form part of our investigation going forward.

“We‘ll do absolutely everything we possibly can to ensure no further acts like this occur.

“I can reassure the public that we believe that this was a targeted attack," he said.

The Herald Sun reported that Preston, also known as Gavin "Capable" Preston, was released from jail earlier this year after serving 11 years for the 2012 shooting of drug dealer Adam Khoury in North Melbourne.

During his time in jail, the infamous gangland figure was the victim of a stabbing that nearly left him dead.

Preston was closely involved in several extortion attempts after his release from prison, including standing over a business owner who had also been implicated in crime boss Nabil Maghnie’s death.

The criminal was also embroiled in a heated feud with the Notorious Crime Family - a gang founded by George Marrogi, a convicted drug trafficker and murderer who is currently serving a non-parole term of 32 years in a maximum security cell in Barwon Prison.

He was suspected of plots to kill former Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell and underworld figure Mick Gatto.

Preston was regarded as one of the most feared and despised members of Melbourne's underworld as police went on high alert in April straight after he was released from jail.

“They’ll be holding the wake in a phone box,” an underworld source told The Age.