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Flights least likely to be canceled this summer – best airlines and destinations

This summer has been a nightmare for the travel industry so far, and strikes and cancellations are causing confusion among many issues. For

travelers, the prospect of theholiday being canceledputs stress on what seems to be the most relaxing time of the year.

With 940 flights canceled in the first half of June alone, 267 during the same period in 2019, it's no wonder people are rethinking their summer vacations.

But for those who are still planning to travel abroad this summer, we have some help at hand.

By focusing on specificairlines and destinations, vacationers can reduce the likelihood that their travel abroad will be affected.

Which isaccording to consumer publications?Long-haul flights are less likely to be canceled, especially if there is only one scheduled flight per day between the two destinations.

To increase the chances of a plane taking off, we recommend that you consider traveling to the United States, including the "Caribbean Route" or places such as Tampa and Orlando in Florida. increase.

Avoid places are consideredpopular vacation destinationsand have multiple flights daily.

Are both British Airways flights to Frankfurt and Milan consistently cut? EasyJet service from Gatwick to Venice and Bordeaux is also a problematic route.

However, routes operated by multiple flights are often the easiest to reschedule in the event of a cancellation, so you can benefit from booking a popular short-haul trip. There are several advantages that can be achieved. With regard to

cancellations,EasyJetwas the biggest culprit this summer, with 528 services taking hold only in the first half of this month.

Meanwhile, BA canceled 106 flights during the same period, but Air France, KLM and Loganair were also affected.

Ryanairand Jet2 avoid excessive cancellations and are recommended as the best airlines for this summer.

Here's more advice forwho want to avoid the airport turmoilthis summer.

Meanwhile, this travel expert has revealed the best date and timeto flyto fend off cancellations.