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Trolls say my legs are ‘gross’ and I should ‘hide myself’ – I tune them out and strut my stuff in little dresses

A WOMAN, whose amazing weight loss left her with loose skin, has hit back at trolls who said her legs were "gross."

These self-appointed style censors told her to hide her body away.

But they took on the wrong lady because she has made it very clear she will not be cowed into submission by any keyboard warrior.

Kiesha Dixon (@kieshadixon) has had to face years of abuse because of her size.

Her "transformational health journey" of recent years has seen her find a kinder place, where she has accepted her body.

She exudes body positivity these days and has a growing TikTok audience of over 91,000 followers and 674,000 likes.

Looking every inch the glamorous fashionista, she shared some of the unkind jibes she has had to endure in her post.

“You are disgusting, you are nasty, your legs are gross," were just a few.

She marveled at the fact that, according to these style censors, only certain body types were "permitted" to wear certain styles.

“If you have a certain body type, you shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts or little dresses," she despaired. "'Go hide, girl. You’re too old for this,'" she mimicked her critics.

“And how do you overcome that?" she pondered.

It wasn't going to be easy, she said, but it was possible.

“You really have to work hard on yourself. I now tune out and I don’t care and I go around wearing my little dresses and strutting my stuff," she said with a note of defiance.

“Because I feel good about myself. I’m proud of myself for losing weight.

“And even though I have this loose skin now, I love it and I love myself."

Keisha had discovered a sense of peace with her body just the way it is.

"You are entitled to feel beautiful. It’s all about how you feel inside and you will project that on the outside."

Commenters loved her attitude.

“Lovely lady, beautiful soul, great message. Thank you for sharing your authenticity," said one person.

Gratitude from another: “I needed to hear this. Thank you so much. Love you.”

Finally, an impressed follower had this to say: “Well said. Powerful message queen.”