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Voices: ‘I couldn’t sleep’: Why news of Kim Cattrall’s ‘And Just Like That’ comeback kept me awake

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The second I saw it, I let out a small and helpless welp. Then I sent screenshots to four people and rang my mum. Then I started to get teary and told myself to get it together.

Last night, at approximately 11pm, I was in a jolly post-one-or-two-drinks state of tipsy when I came across the Variety story on Instagram: “Sex and the City’ Shocker: Kim Cattrall to Return as Samantha Jones With ‘And Just Like That…’ Cameo.”

According to the report, Cattrall will make a brief appearance in one scene to have a phone conversation with Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). The actor is believed to have shot her scenes without having spoken to or seen any of the other cast members. She was, however, styled by the original show’s legendary costume designer, Patricia Field, who has not been working on the reboot.

This is dream stuff. Particularly for any Sex and the City fan who, quite rightly, was left feeling bereft when it was announced that a reboot would be going ahead without everyone’s favourite foul-mouthed, sex positive publicist.

Of course, the reasons behind Cattrall’s departure from the franchise have been fastidiously documented for quite some time. In what has become a totem of pop culture folklore, the actor was believed to have fallen out with her costars shortly after the second Sex and the City film, which came out in 2010. She turned down a script for a third film, has since described on-set relationships as “toxic” and, after the death of her brother in 2018, called Parker “cruel” and accused her of “exploiting our tragedy in order to restore [her] ‘nice girl’ persona.”

That post – as many people on social media have pointed out today – is still on Cattrall’s Instagram.

In other words, it’s unlikely this is going to be the happy reunion fans might have spent the better part of 15 years hoping for. Nonetheless, there is still much to celebrate. Without Samantha, everyone’s favourite quartet, which also includes Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), just didn’t feel right.

The series explained the character’s departure from the show with a half-hearted story about how she had moved to London following a falling out with Carrie. But the best – and most meaningful – moments of the first series of And Just Like That were arguably those that featured Samantha.

Even without Cattrall, her character’s presence was strongly felt when, at Big’s funeral, Carrie was surprised to find the coffin covered in white roses when one of the planners handed her a note signed, “Love, Samantha”. I sobbed. Then there was the moment the two of them had a brief text conversation after Carrie shared a story about Samantha stepping in to help pull her diaphragm out when it got stuck. Tears again.

I still can’t quite forgive anyone for pursuing a reboot without Cattrall, whose absence stained the series.

But I am delighted they’ve found a way to bring Samantha back – and I suspect a lot of money has exchanged hands to make it happen. Because even if it is only for one scene, I have no doubt that Cattrall will be able to sprinkle her magic over the entire series in just a a few sentences. With her acerbic one-liners and no holds barred approach to female sexuality, Samantha remains one of TV’s most loved characters of all time. I think she was also, ironically, the better friend to Carrie out of the others. It will be a special moment to see them reunite on our screens.

All that said, though, Cattrall’s approach to this whole saga is also worthy of its own praise. Instead of signing up to a third film that would have undoubtedly been incredibly financially lucrative, the actor stayed resolute and decided to put herself and the integrity of her character first (reportedly, Samantha’s main storyline would have been about how she received d*** pics from Miranda’s teenage son, Brady).

For years, the actor’s attitude has been a masterclass in sticking to your own guns and not settling for less than you deserve. Much like Samantha herself, then.

So yes, I’m just a little bit thrilled about her return, however brief it may be. Naturally, after seeing the news, I couldn’t sleep, and have already gone over multiple different scenarios in my head about how it could play out. Whatever happens, though, it means a lot to the fans to know that she is coming back. It will be a special moment.