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Weekly horoscope for February 5 – 11: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

This week you can look at everyone currently in your life, and with Mercury’s shrewd eye, see new ways you can be good for each other.

And friends can be colleagues, or co-creators.

Your passion chart is rich in self-knowledge, and when you decide to trust what your heart is telling you, love can make great leaps forward.

The Aries luck factor links a TV face to a familiar voice.


APR 21 – MAY 21

Taking a dream of learning a new skill into the realm of reality is your chart task – and you can start by setting yourself some exciting, but achievable, goals.

The right people to support you are already in your life, so do look more closely.

Love this week has Venus bliss and Mars intensity, and the only predictable part is you will have a ball.

Luck and “F” make a prize connection.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Dusting off those dreams of TV presenting, or otherwise talking in public, can be a positive move thanks to the full moon – and you can spot the perfect opportunity even when you’re not really looking.

Yes, your mind may be buzzing with passion possibilities, but deep down your heart is calm and sure, so do try to tune in to this.

A family journey can change from one-way to return.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

More than anyone else, you really know yourself, and have the confidence to stick to what you know is right for you.

Even if this means changes for others. In love terms, this can answer a question you have been holding in your heart.

If you’re single, an event linked to recruitment can introduce your soulmate.

Venus cash smarts help you work out a way to fund a very special holiday.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

As business manager planet Mercury moves, you can be the chief deal maker and breaker of the zodiac.

Yes, you can talk tough when you need to this week, but also find ways to keep the right people in the right roles.

And a new way of viewing an existing cash agreement is genius-level Leo.

As for love, it’s deep and “S”-led.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

You are ready to look at what you really think and feel about certain aspects of your life.

And start a process of shedding the ones that drag you down.

This is the full moon at work – showing you how much YOU really matter.

At work, watching and waiting can be the best tactic, as a power struggle plays out.

When it’s your moment, you will know. Passion is sweet but also spicy.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

Tie up loose ends at home all week, and clear the decks for a big creative push as the weekend approaches.

Yes, you can get your work cards on the table, and be so surprised who is backing you.

Mars still walks love on the wild side, and sudden physical lust in an intellectual setting is the biggest surprise of the week.

If you’re attached, bring up a fitness topic again.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

Yes, you may be questioning love and life goals this week, wondering if you are on the right path.

The full moon helps you build on what’s working, step away from what’s not.

And, especially on the home front, you can be clear as well as kind, and find a new path for people who love each other.

Adding fun flourishes to love frees up a whole new side of Scorpio.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

Instead of putting your skills down, even in fun, you can promote and protect them this week - and talk your way into a VIP group, at work or in a social sense.

Yes, you have something special to share with the world, and you can start now.

If you’re single, someone who works in property, perhaps linked to charity, can provide a home for your heart.

Luck spins a circle of prizes.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

You have the most alluring attraction power in the zodiac this week thanks to full moon magnetism, and the more people see of you, the more they want to see.

Just tread carefully with this power around people who are not emotionally free.

Your ability to think outside the cash box is only increased by Mercury, and your name can be the last one left on a big money document.


JAN 21 - FEB 18

Your personality zone is sunny, steady and now also sharp – as power planets gather.

So don’t waste this time of increased ability to take charge and make your mark.

Venus underlines the importance of trust as well as lust in love – do even these up if you need to.

Single? The One is in front of you in a cash queue.

A moon of surprise liaisons links your name to a celebrity family.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

Believing you can change, is the first step to changing. And your chart suggests this is where you are, this week.

So instead of endlessly planning, get ready to start performing.

Lovewise, with Venus on-side, you can make even the toughest points with tenderness, and get results.

If you’re single, stop giving too many chances to people who don’t deserve you.

A career with a high imagination content can be a great fit.

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