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Where is Rasputin's penis?

The legendary Tobolsk crazy monk Grigori Rasputin is not only known for his healing magic and famous assassination.

Thanks to Bonnie M's hit song,Rasputinis famous as "Russia's greatest love machine", but what happened to his members?

Where is Rasputin's penis?

Rasputinis capable of healing Alexei, the son of Zalina Alexandra Feodorovna, who was a blood friend ofRussian royal familyHad great power in the court. 16}.

He had many followers for this miraculous healing, and rumors swirled that he had a relationship with Alexandra.

In 1916, the mysterious was assassinated-although the cause of death is disputed-and his body was found on the Neva River.

Legend has it that although Prince Felix Yuspov cut it off, it is unknown and unconfirmed how his penis was detached from his body.

Erotica Museum, St. Petersburg,Russiaclaim to have soaked the penis of a self-proclaimed saint.

However, this has been disputed, and the first object on the penis was actually thesea cucumber.

This is clearly a simple mistake, but the penis currently on display is a member of true mythology-according to owner Dr. Igor Knyazkin.

Even said to have magical healing powers like Rasputin himself, healshis impotenceof those who see it.

How big was Rasputin's penis?

In addition to saving Alexei's life, Rasputin's legacy is famous for being a woman.

The pickles penis on display at the Erotica Museum is 12 inches long.

Legend has it that Rasputin's third leg developed the cult in the 1920s.

It arrived in Paris, where enthusiastic believers put it on ice and was finally discovered by Maria, the daughter of Rasputin, who owned it.

She sold it in the 70's and was finally purchased in 2000 by Dr. Knyazkin for a fortune of $ 8,000.

However, Dmitry Kosorotov, who underwent an autopsy in 1917, stated that the mysterious genitals were intact when his severely injured body was pulled out of the water.

The truth is likely to remain unknown, but the general consensus is that the penis in the pickle jar is probably a cow.