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Minister of Agriculture and Food Supply of Guatemala calls to strengthen the institutions of agricultural sector to face challenges of food security and sustainability in the Americas

Guatemala City, 27 September 2023 (IICA)– With the firm conviction that the hemispheric partnership proposed by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) will enhance environmental sustainability and food security in the hemisphere, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Guatemala, Édgar De León, urged the rest of the agricultural authorities in the region to create networks and platforms that will strengthen the institutions of the sector at their upcoming meeting in Costa Rica.

The 2023 Conference of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas will be held in this country from October 3 to 5, where the ministers will hold a meeting as the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA), which is the highest governing body of IICA.

Minister De León highlighted the importance of the hemispheric partnership in the context of current global challenges. He pointed out that no country can face the multiple international crises that affect agriculture and food production alone, and urged the countries of the Americas to unify efforts to strengthen institutions and jointly address food insecurity and poverty.

“Let us approach this partnership from a political perspective, acting in a unified, strategic manner as a region to create solid networks. This will make us stronger and will allow us to support the sectors whose mission is to combat food insecurity,” said De León.

The Guatemalan minister pointed out that in agriculture the objective is not only to improve productivity, but that the social dimension must also be considered to ensure better living conditions for the population.

In addition, he underscored the urgency of improving integrated and efficient water management in agriculture, in coordination with the authorities of each country.

“Water is a strategic yet limited asset. Without water there is no agriculture and without agriculture there are no food systems. This is why a hemispheric initiative like the one promoted by IICA is crucial to improve integrated and efficient water management,” concluded the minister.