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Rich Homie Quan and Roddy Ricch Squash Beef Over “FMFU” Feature

Rich Homie Quan and Roddy Ricch made peace. A heated feud erupted on Tuesday afternoon between the two rappers, but it was quickly quelled after the former tendered his apology to the younger artist.

The beef erupted after Rich Homie Quan aired his displeasure at Roddy Ricch, who he accused of removing his verse from a track they all did with DJ Drama. While on Instagram Live, Rich Homie Quan said the verse was to appear on the song “FMFU” on DJ Drama’s project ‘I’m Really That’ which was released on Friday (March 31). According to Quan, he was told that Roddy wanted him off the song, and he felt that the rapper “felt some type of way” towards him.

“Man, my sh*t way harder than Roddy. So then they say ‘well Quan ain’t trying to start no industry sh*t but Roddy Ricch wanted you off the song’. Man, I ain’t never met Roddy,” Quan said.

The rapper also went on to disrespect Roddy’s music, adding that he had better music.

“I ain’t even know he felt some type of way about me but if he do, and since he do. man, he ain’t got no boss songs, his catalog can’t f**k with me. And that’s on all the money he got in the bank. But I bet 100,000. Let me say this right, I put $10 million to his $1 million. his catalog can’t f**k with mine nowadays cause you the one who took me off the song…So Roddy since you wanted me off the song, let’s go back and forth catalog [for] catalog you aint got none of that boss shit cause that other sh*t wack,” he added.

Quan also shared his verse and aired his disappointment in the final song. “This what I was expecting to hear,” he said.

In the song released by DJ Drama, Quan said when he was sent the track, there were no other artists featured. But he was later replaced by Gucci Mane, Roddy Ricch, and Lil Wayne. “Nothing against Gucci Mane, ’cause I love Gucci bruh… even if you ain’t want me on the song, man somebody could’ve called my phone,” he added.

Roddy also responded to Quan, writing, “[Rich Homie Quan] you too old for this internet sh*t but I ain’t even know u was on the phone.” The rapper explained that he sent DJ Drama the hook for the track, and he “let them do the rest.”

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“I ain’t never been no n***a to stop nobody from eating especially a n***a ion even know. Im around tho champ,” he added.

Quan later revealed that he and Roddy spoke, and he apologized to the “Cooped Up” rapper.”Just got off the phone with @roddyricch everything is smooth,” he wrote. “We settled it like men and I want to apologize for my position at the moment and take this opportunity to show everyone that through conversations we can have solutions.”