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Three years since COVID-19 declared a pandemic | Status of COVID-19

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    I will never forgive or forget those responsible for what they’ve done to my family, especially my children.. ever!

    1. @Jumbo Me What’s pathetic is the amount of whining/crying you’re doing…

    2. Jumbo Me has 7 shots but won’t admit it because he’s embarrassed

    3. My daughter goes to school with a lot of 9 year olds who have anxiety and emotional breakdowns in class. We should never forgive

    4. ​@some guydo you understand what theory means? Germ Theory is a theory, not a fact.

  2. JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…

    1. @Jumbo Me As JT continues to make it more difficult for injured veterans…

    2. @YouTube music oh well they shouldn’t have voted liberal

    1. ​@Jumbo Me Keep trying what exactly? (You’re not even making any sense)

    2. ​@Jumbo Me you are so smart Jumbo how many boosters should I get since you know everything ?

    3. ​@YouTube music Jumbo is just a government simp that still can’t figure out his masters lied to him because they would never do that they love him so much

  3. And thousands of excess Canadians have unfortunately died.

    1. @Social.Media.Is.A.Weapon. Ah, you mean from the 5hot.

    2. @Randal Saul Sure. Just not when you are 28. Or 36.

    3. Yeah like in 2022! Gee, wonder what could have caused it?

  4. Liberal and NDP lifelong voters totally need their 7th booster

  5. This is how we have recently been dealing with the flu season, which has been known since primeval times and occurs annually…

    1. @ryan radcliffe Refusal to treat patients exhibiting covid symptoms until they turn critical vs treating flu patients when they seek care- go

    2. @Suzìe Sharp how do u differentiate flu vs covid symptoms they are the same?

  6. Three years since the start of the biggest overreaction in history

    1. Yes, hapy to live in Sweden during this times. Just some regulations and rules but mostly information, But for sure no lockdown and no compulsory face masks. The result one of the lowest excess death, lower than FInland for example that did most of those things.

  7. “We don’t understand the long term impacts of covid yet”.

    Omitted from this.

    “We don’t understand the long term impacts of covid vaccines yet”

    Haven’t had either.

  8. Three years of no sense, obviously an instrumental charade.

    1. “2 weekkks to fLattenn the currrve”, yet they then said ” This is the new NoRmaL”. Trust the Science eh paiiiddd shiiiiLL Jumbo?

    1. When I got covid I asked Google when I would die, and if I made it to day 21 I would be safe. I was only sick 3 days.

    2. @Sonia Vos Lol. Me too! In fact everyone I know – said the same thing – headache and sore muscles for 3 days. Followed by 2 weeks rough sounding voice.

  9. No more lock downs thanks…. We are in a better place and know how to deal with Covid.

  10. It’s DONE! Time to turn the page and close the book! I’m tired of being told how to live my life by both frightened politicians and doctors.

  11. I notice many of my colleagues getting sick with Covid these days. And it is those with 3, 4 or more jabs … a few had as many covid infections in recent months as they had boosters.

  12. Covid doesn’t stop golden corral buffet no matter what happens

  13. The employees in my Walmart stopped wearing masks and testing for COVID-19